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E.T.S are your electrical experts.

Tricky job? Short lead time? No problem - we love a challenge!


Residential to industrial and everything in-between, E.T.S can take care of your next project. We focus on safety so you can rest easy, and our results are top quality every time.

Our team of qualified electricians have many years experience in the electrical and entertainment industries. We regularly work with local councils and have a comprehensive knowledge of event centres and outdoor venues across New Zealand.

We are Master Electricians and members of the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand. 


E.T.S will get power to your location - as much as you need, wherever you need it.


Outdoor event? Sorted. Construction site? Sure thing. Trade show or expo? We've got you covered.

Our wide range of generators, cabling, cable mats, and switchboards will be the perfect solution to your reticulation riddles.


Our expert lighting technicians will approach your event or project with professionalism and flair. You can count on them to help you achieve your creative vision. Whatever the scale, from team meetings to gala dinners, E.T.S will add the "Wow!" factor to leave a lasting impression for your guests.

Our designers use WYSIWYG software for designing events and shows. This brilliant package allows us to plan and pre-program entire shows in real time, and create rendered images and recordings in 3D.  We can show you photorealistic images of your lighting design before setting foot in the venue.

This software also enables us to integrate seamlessly with visual media elements, for a full virtual preview of your show.

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