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Master Electrician New Zealand

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Electrical Services

We have fully qualified electricians with many years experience in the electrical and entertainment industries. We work with local city council and have a great knowledge of all power requirements within event centres and outdoor venues. We are master electricians and are members of the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand.

We have also worked in many other venues throughout New Zealand and have a good background information. We also work closely with many other companies throughout New Zealand and can put you in contact with the right firm.

Lighting Operators

Lighting Technicians & Operators

Our lighting technicians are experienced and professional. You can count on them approach your event with an open mind and work with you to achieve your creative vision. Whatever the scale of your project, ETS can offer cost-effective solutions that achieve the desired results and often exceed expectations.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Our Lighting designers prefer to use Wysiwyg software for designing and pre-programming shows.

This brilliant package allows our Lighting Designers to pre-cue entire shows in real time. They can create their productions in 3D along with all of the necessary paperwork. A DMX console or a compatible off line editor is then connected to the computer Wysiwyg software will simulate the exact effect of the consoles/editor's output in real-time. Our Designers, Design Assistants, and Console Operators have found the photorealistic pictures and paperwork tools invaluable.

For the full spiel see: If you are considering a media server system for audio/video content display, we can integrate these systems into this virtual preview of the show, for a true preview of the entire show from start to finish.

Service Technicians

Lighting Service Technicians

We have experienced technicians that service all lighting equipment. We have good contacts with many agencies for spare parts for all kinds of fixtures. We also stock many spare parts.

We can also offer the service of a replacement fixture until yours is repaired.

Production Management

Production Management

We have the experience and staff to manage tours and events in remote sites - including drivers, wardrobe and all onsite services and consents.